M Offermann

We feel very fortunate to have found Allard + Roberts to guide us through the design of our Asheville mountain retreat. We were initially attracted to an on-line interview of Talli Roberts that shared her philosophy of listening to her clients and then guiding them tastefully. Their portfolio appealed to our aesthetic sense, so it was an easy decision. They used local resources to gain more insights into our taste, and then combined local, national and international sources for their recommendations on furnishing. They recognized that we wanted both fine art and quality handcrafts prominent in our home. They recommended some moderately priced items to fill some basic needs, thereby allowing more funds for the purchase of handcrafted items that moved the design to a much higher level. They recruited local artisans to do custom work, including the construction of a display unit for sculpture and a unique fireplace screen and tools for an irregularly shaped fireplace. They also steered us to some handcrafted furniture including barstools and office furniture that beautifully optimize space utilization and function. Their talent as designers is matched by their warmth and kindness. Our relationship with them doesn’t end with our home. A friendship and respect has developed that should last for years to come.