Janey Abbott

Administrative Assistant

Janey Abbott graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY where her foundational interest in the fundamentals of design was solidified. She hails from a performing arts and teaching background, and spent several years as a professional ballerina, where her strong work ethic and intense focus first developed. These traits have made her an integral member of the Allard and Roberts team as Administrative Assistant.

While not new to the arts, Janey is new to interior design field. She has been thrilled to be learning in such a creative environment, alongside an accomplished group of Designers. Hers is likely the first voice you hear when calling our office, and she is responsible for the placement and tracking of orders, as well as coordination between our vendors and our warehouse. When furnishings & decor are delivered, Janey has been working behind the scenes to ensure timely delivery. She enjoys being part of the delivery team, and seeing in person all of the furniture & decor that she has invested the time in ordering, tracking and coordinating.

Janey is currently a student at UNCA. When she isn’t studying for an exam, she enjoys a long solo run, quiet time in her drawing studio, road trips along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and a nice glass of wine while settling into the latest Masterpiece Theatre mini-series.