Living + Family Rooms

These are the spaces where we relax, entertain, and share time with family and friends. Whether a Great Room open to the Kitchen & Dining areas or a small sitting room intended for conversation, each design is tailored to the needs of the family who shares this space. Find inspiration here for your very own fireplace, seating arrangement, ceiling detail, or color palette.

Kitchens + Dining

The kitchens featured in this gallery are custom designed to the meet the needs and aesthetics of each client. The space planning, plumbing & appliances, finish selections and details are the result of a collaborative design approach that includes designer, client, architect, builder, cabinet maker and lighting designer. Kitchens and dining rooms are multi-functional places to share daily meals, prepare holiday feasts, have family meetings, and get some work done on the laptop. Enjoy these images and be inspired toward creation of your own multi-functional family space!


Home is a place of refuge, and the bedroom above all is a place to be recharged and renewed. Bedrooms are where we begin and end our day, so they set the tone when we head out the door or lay our heads down at night. Whether your bedroom is a favorite spot for reading, resting, or dressing, we trust these images will inspire your own restful retreat.



This gallery features custom bathroom designs for adults and children, from Master Suites to Bonus Room Baths. Whether modern or traditional, each space is unique to the needs and taste of the client it was designed for. Custom cabinetry and tile details are featured, as are more subtle subway tile designs. Whether painted or stained cabinetry, stone or glass tile, bronze or chrome finishes, we hope you are inspired by the combination of textures and finishes in each of these designs.


Outdoor Living