Sharon Allard

Principal Interior Designer

Sharon Allard was born in England, but spent much of her childhood in northern Florida. With family members still living in England, Sharon was exposed to travel abroad from an early age, and has continued to explore new places ever since. After high school, Sharon studied at the University of North Florida and dabbled in photography before moving to the Philippines. She continued her studies there, returning to the states a few years later. She has lived all over the United States, and has found inspiration for her photography in the natural environments of each region – southern Florida, Colorado, Arizona and Washington, DC. Sharon’s travels also allowed her to gain experience in various fields including sales & marketing and business management, before becoming an executive with the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company.

In 2006 Sharon and her husband Jim relocated to Asheville, NC. This eclectic bohemian city is the perfect place for her creative spirit, and allowed Sharon to redirect her career towards those creative roots. In Asheville, Sharon began working with a high end furniture showroom, eventually becoming a buyer and designer for the company. She then joined Talli as a business partner and they worked together to build the firm that exists today. At A+R, she has found that Interior Design constantly provides something new to learn and new products to be inspired by.

Sharon enjoys interacting with clients and vendors, and getting to know each person on an individual level. Her focus is to take the stress out of building and remodeling, so that clients can enjoy the process. After years in various careers across the country, Sharon has found the perfect fit for both her business background and design talent. Her primary focus is on the furniture/decor side of selections. She works to ensure that the decorative elements complement the architecture, and fit each client’s aesthetics and lifestyle needs.

For relaxation, Sharon and Jim enjoy short getaways to New York, and longer trips throughout Italy. Travel provides inspiration for her design projects and endless subjects for her other passion, photography. Another of her passions is Pilates, which provides constant opportunities for mental and physical training. When she isn’t working, working out or traveling, Sharon and Jim are relaxing with their two dogs, Luca and Niko, or enjoying the latest restaurant to open in Asheville.